Saturday, April 2, 2011


  Today as I reached down in the drawer of endless tooth brush supplies I thought of you. I unwrapped my new tooth brush with the med to soft bristle that is more then comfortable on my gums and teeth,and the perfect handle that had a smooth round spot for my thumb and a slip resistant surface for the rest of my hand. As I brushed I smiled and remembered.So many Christmases have included a new tooth brush and paste as a gift from the Santa bag.I thought of you I smiled and I remembered all the wonderful Christmas eves you hosted,a gift for every single person and delicious food.Oh the fun and laughter we enjoyed all together gathered around the table or the tree.Now my teeth are sparkling clean and I am walking a way from the bathroom sink with the freshest mouth and a warm glow of contentment based on the loving memories of so many yesterdays.
  As I reached for my tooth brush today I thought of him  a tear rolled down my cheek. As I brushed I remembered all the Christmases he played Santa handing out each gift with a smile and a laugh.I remember the pleasure that showed on your face as each one of us opened our gifts.I remember sitting by the front door waiting for him to get there so Christmas eve could begin.Now as I place my tooth brush back in the holder I smile wipe the tear from my cheek and remember when we all came together to celebrate our  brothers life. Our favorite memory of him was Christmas and the missing tooth brush.I smile and remember you.
  As I reached for my tooth  brush today I thought of you and I smiled.With one simple gift you give us healthy mouths,stories to tell and wonderful memories.As I brushed I smiled and thought of you and your wonderful gift of love.As I place my tooth brush in its holder I smile and make a wish that next Christmas and many more Christmases after that I find a tooth brush wrapped in red under my tree.