Monday, September 10, 2012

Project 365/Day 14,15,&16

Day 14 cup of Joe, I wasn't to sure how I was going to do this one. I don't drink coffee so there is no personal meaning to me. I am however learning from the food photography group to us my setting and natural light. I have a hard time taking good pictures inside. So I decided to use my cup of Joe as practice for indoor shooting. I tried all window exposures and I played with my ISO a setting I knew nothing about until a few women in the photography group explained how to use it.  My pick for the final picture was taken in front of a mirror not near any windows at all. I used ISO 400 and got a good clear picture. I think it says "coffee just gotta have some"
.Day 15 review, I chose to revisit water. I went to the park I was thinking of last time when I went to the wrong park. Again I played with the settings and the lighting standing here and there to get different angles and lighting. I took A LOT of picture on this little trip and almost all of them were good. I was so pleased with myself and the results of this outing. I chose the best of the best.
Day 16 Walk out, I didn't need to go far to find this little landscape of wildflowers and trees. I drive by it almost daily and admire this little plot of land that is so well tended you almost don't notice that it is tended and guided by mans hand, you simply get the impression of nature at her finest. Again I took lots of pictures and more then a few of them made me go WOW as I viewed them. I tried setting I never tried before and got some awesome results. The picture I picked I used the landscape setting that automatically sets the ISO and shutter speed to capture the greens and blues of nature.

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