Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I phone

I am now a proud owner of an Iphone. I have felt that I was to old  and to antisocial to want or need an Iphone. So not true, while I get a total of 3 phone calls a week this tool is so much more then just a phone. I have found a dozen uses for it already and I have only had it 4 days now. God forbid I go take the apple class on how and what this phone can do,I would become a true techno nerd.
 So far I have found the games, camera, and reading my email, as well as sending links to my blogs. The camera in this phone seems to work so much better then my actual camera,that in itself is worth more then money. If you follow all my blogs you know already my photography is less then good. This phone seems to make picture taking a lot easier and photo editing sites less necessary. Let me show you what I mean.


A plant I brought home from work 2 hours ago that was dead
 clear clean pictures in one shot. To get this result with my camera I need to take at the very least 3 shots and odds are I still won't have a good picture.
For me the camera alone is worth the money. So the weather forecast,and other free apps that I have yet to use are like icing on the cake, making me one happy IPhoner.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Just Like Riding A Bike!

You never forget how to do it. Well its true you never do forget.
  Madeline spent the night this past weekend much to our joy. When she woke up Sunday morning the first words out of her mouth were tractor race. Bill just smiled and said it was to early for a race.I get her dressed and feed and she is out the door looking for Dzidzia,believe me he isn't far he's been patiently waiting for her. 
  I watch as they walk off to the back where her sand pile we call the beach is and I get a great idea. I hurry and get dressed and head to the barn. I walk in the first building and I don't see them and disappointment is about to set in when I remember Bill said he moved them so into the second building I go and there...I don't see them,I'm about to turn around and walk back to the house kicking stones all the way with my head down and pouting when I spot something all the way back in the corner.Sure enough it is just what I am looking for. I pull off the sheet and there shining up at me are our BIKES!
  Oh and it is my lucky day the child seat is already attached to my bike and her helmet is sitting in the seat,as if we were just biking yesterday instead of the actual year that it has been. I hop on my bike and ride back to the sand pile,where Madeline is in her glory planting rocks to grow a rock garden. I can tell by the excitement in Bills voice he likes my idea,but Madeline is more interested in her gardening,so I hand my bike to Bill and he takes it back to the buildings to air up the tires and get his bike ready as well. Madeline and I finish planting the rocks and then we go to find Dzidzia. 
  It takes a few minutes to get Madeline all locked into the seat and get the helmet on and adjusted but then we are ready to go. Up the drive and onto the road then into the developments with the curvy roads and bike paths.While Bill and are not truly racing Madeline thinks we are,on the road Bill gives me the lead so that cars encounter him first,so to Madeline she and I are winning and she keeps looking back telling Bill that. (hehehe) In the developments Bill takes the lead and teases Madeline as he passes by,he gets a good distance ahead of us and I feel Madeline leaning around me and then I hear come on Granmama catch up, go faster don't be such a slow poke. All through the paths and developments Bill keeps the lead but we stay up close to him and that seems to be ok with her. She starts singing and swaying side to side and enjoying the ride. I had to ask not to sway she was tilting the bike at one point she was so into it. After about a quarter of an hour of meandering around the development we start to head on home,as we approach our driveway Madeline says she wants to keep riding so with a little protest from the peanut gallery behind me we ride a little bit more up the road and around the bend and then back home.
 Madeline and I pulled in the driveway first and just as we are about to turn into the parking space in front of the back buildings Dzidzia comes whipping around the corner and hops off his bike and says he won. Madeline does not agree and the whole time we are undoing all the straps and buckles that keep her safe she is telling him so. It is so hard not to laugh out loud when I watch her talk to Dzidzia,she just knows she is the boss of him no matter what he says and it shows.
  After the ride Bill and I have rubber legs heavy and hard to walk on but we are smiling at each other as we make our way to the house for water and soft chairs.
  We finish the morning off with all three of us planting 3 flats of flowers in the front yard. Bill made the holes and we put the flowers in the holes. Madeline did a lot for a little girl and when she wasn't planting she was telling us how to plant. 
 It was Friendly's for lunch and Ice Cream and then naps all around. Dzidzia was a sleep before Madeline but only by seconds no stories needed her head hit the pillow and her eyes closed and she was sleeping like a baby.
 Next week when she comes to visit not only will she see how well the flowers she planted are growing she will also see how much her rock garden grew,because you all know I can't resist I have to put rocks in that garden.

......Sorry no pictures I was just having way to much fun and forgot all about the camera.