Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Project 365/ Day 26, 27,& 28

Lets get right to it I am days behind on every thing and falling more behind each day.
 Day 26: RED,
  I had a hard time with this color and it won't be the last time I have a hard time with red. I just can't seem to communicate the vibrant energy of red with my camera. I drove around looking for RED I walked in one of the many playgrounds took a few shots of the red slide and it did show a lot of energy on my camera but if you remember yellow it has been done before by me. I kept looking  and in the back of my mind I had an idea so I just kept looking until I came across this cool looking barn. A muted red but still RED. I sat across the road and took the pictures from my car. I didn't want to trespass or get hit by a car. I zoomed in and snapped away. I have to say she was a very good model.
Day 27: Clock,
  As soon as I read the email on this one I knew right where I was going to find my clock. In the late afternoon I took a ride over to this little quaint town parked a block away from the clock and took a little walk, and  I do mean little. I didn't even try to get fancy with this picture. I like this clock a lot and it catches my attention every time we drive by it so I figured I didn't need to get artsy or fancy, I just needed to show you what I see. I am not sure if it is me or my camera but no matter how I tried I was not able to get the full length of the clock and show the intricate details of the clock. So I opted for a close up of the clock itself. 
Day 28: Back Lighting,
  Okay I admit it I had to go to my photography  group and ask for help. Even then the concept was just not grabbing hold of me. I tried all kinds of things at all different times of the day on a dozen different settings. Everything I was using was glass colored glass all bright and beautiful but not enough substance to be a good example of back lighting. I have some yellow flowers growing just outside my back door and I kept looking at them until finally I said to myself what the heck. In the email one of the examples was a flower and I try not to copy the emails using my own ideas. So first I tried taking a picture of all the flowers outside with the sun shining through them. Nope not happening so I take a single yellow flower put it in my favorite blue vase. I laid a piece of yellow material on a table in front of a window and as far as I am concerned magic happened. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Project 365/ Day 23, 24, & 25

Back on track again counting right and getting my assignments done in the proper order. I have to say if nothing else this project is helping me to get out and walk and get a little fitness back in my life. So far it has been a lot of fun doing this project and at times it does give me a real challenge getting the picture I want, I think it is the challenge I like the best. I do giggle at myself sometimes because I have turned into one of those people that goes no where without a camera.
 Day 23, Favorite fruit or Vegetable.
  The timing at times with some of the projects seems to be almost like magic. This is one of those times I just happened to have my favorite looking fruit on the counter and it hadn't been cut up yet. I played with that thing all day looking for the perfect look. Everywhere I went I took it with me. I must have looked slightly crazy taking my pineapple for a walk in the park. In the end I got my picture on my back deck.
I love the way pineapples look. I think they are one of the most interesting looking fruits around.
 Day 24, Fabric.
 Once again the timing was perfect on this. The examples the email had were of thread and yarn. The suggestion was that we not just use a piece of material but to think about fabric in different ways. I was drawing a blank all morning,until I started hanging out the wash. All that kept going through my heads " the fabric of our life" it just kept rolling around and wouldn't stop until I took a few pictures and there it was "Fabric" 
I like this one it says so much.
 Day 25, Portrait. 
 This was a work of love. I loved every minute I spent on this one. Madeline is always a lot of fun to hang out with she is just an absolute bundle of joy. I told her what I wanted to do and set up a chair for her in the best light I could find and gave her a book and  one of her dolls and then I sat across from her and we talked and giggled for a while then I started taking pictures. The hardest part was getting her to not say cheese and not to smile all the time (well fake smile). After a few shots she settled into reading her book and talking to me as if the camera wasn't even there. I got some great pictures. Even still it wasn't hard to pick my picture for this project. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the one. Everyone I asked agreed with me so here it is

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Project 365 Day 18, 21, & 22

Yep you are reading that correctly and yes I really do know how to count.
 Day 18 Field Of Depth,
 As you have already read I was having a bugger of a time getting this technique accomplished. No matter what I did I was not getting the effect I wanted or needed. So after more then 200 tries I gave up and moved on.Purely by accident on day 22 I took not one but 3 pictures that where perfect examples of F.O.D.I didn't know it until I got home and looked at my pictures. Lucky for me I was only using a few settings that day. I can now take picture using this technique,it requires effort and more then a few tries but I can do it. For my picture I chose the first one I took. It was an accident  but it is the best example simply because the picture is so pretty.
                                Field of Depth!
Day 21 Tree, 
 I only had to walk out my front door for this assignment. Our property is covered in trees. If you ask Madeline where Grandmama lives she will answer you "In the trees". Finding the tree I liked the best, well that was a little harder. I love most of the trees we have. As I walked around camera in hand looking in every direction I was not seeing anything that was striking me as WOW I am a TREE. Maybe because they are familiar and I look at them everyday I just couldn't see them who knows. All I know is I couldn't get the picture I wanted surrounded by trees. I was just getting ready to take a walk when I glanced over at my neighbors yard and there it was. This tree was cut down about 4 years ago and it still screams I AM A TREE! I see so much when I look at the tree and this picture. I almost can here it talk and see it move like in the Wizard Of Oz.
Day 22 Choice
 It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and while I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted my final picture to be, I knew where and what I wanted to take pictures of. So I headed off to Smithville State Park for a hike and some one on one with nature. Just me and my camera. I took a lot of pictures that afternoon. The 22nd picture was going to be my choice and I knew when I took it. I could have stopped there and went home, but I really didn't want to. A hike sounded good and I really wanted to take some more pictures so I kept going and did the 2 mile trail (give or take 2 miles) I took 62 more pictures and had a wonderful time. I didn't just aim and shoot I took my time looked at what I wanted to picture and set myself up to get the picture I wanted. In some areas I had to stay on the trail and get the best picture I could because it was against the rules to walk into the woods, in other areas I was able to get off the path to get the best angle or view. For my Choice photo I almost missed it. I was taking a picture of some unusual looking branches and was moving around to get a better shot when the sun caught the web in its rays and sparkled right into my view. I took 4 pictures standing in the same spot to make sure I actually got the web. It was so hard to see in the view finder. The first shot was the best,but the other 3 were real good too. I was so pleased with my day, a great walk and an album full of pictures I am proud of.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Project 365/ Day 17,19,& 20

Yes the title is correct. Day 18 is missing because of camera limitations. The assignment was "Field Of Depth" My camera is a fancy point and shoot with a lot of settings all designed to eliminate all blur. There is no F-stop or A setting for me. That didn't keep me from trying. I took over 200 shots using every setting in every combination, I tried it here, I tried it there, I tried it every where, but a picture with blur I just could not get. So I moved on to the next picture and put a 2nd hand 35mm digital camera on my Christmas list. 
 Day 17 One Bright Thing/Yellow
 I thought about this one all day. At this time of the year with all the sun flowers around you would think the answer would be obvious right? Well that was the problem it was the easy answer. I took pictures of a real school bus,nope just not right, I took pictures of the fisher price school bus Madeline likes to pull around, nope not it. Then just by chance I took my camera with me to meet Madeline at a play ground and there it was big as life. One  Bright Thing Yellow.What a fun time we had and now it is known as the yellow playground.

 Day 19 Where are you/ landmarks.
 I only had to go up the road about 10 or 15 houses to find one of the few landmarks in Hainesport. I know it as Mr Corns house on Creek rd,but in 1788 it was Cyrus Moore's House on Boars Head rd. I didn't know any of this until I was taking the pictures and chatting with Mr Corn. The Moores owned a large amount of land in the area, and the house I was picturing was one of the sons of Mr Moore. Mr Moore's house the original house is also still standing and in good order actually quite beautiful with a few acres still being used to grow corn and soy beans. 
Day 20 Shadow
 I had so much fun getting this picture. I knew what I wanted and I had so many ideas of how to get it. I took at least a dozen pictures before I realized why I wasn't getting what I wanted. I kept focusing on the subject not the shadow. I used the setting that gave me as much control as this camera allows and adjusted my ISO and lighting control as I needed with each shot. Domino was such a good model and every shot was good. Focused, clear, and crisp with life like color. Even still it wasn't hard at all to pick the picture. There was only one that said SHADOW!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Project 365/Day 14,15,&16

Day 14 cup of Joe, I wasn't to sure how I was going to do this one. I don't drink coffee so there is no personal meaning to me. I am however learning from the food photography group to us my setting and natural light. I have a hard time taking good pictures inside. So I decided to use my cup of Joe as practice for indoor shooting. I tried all window exposures and I played with my ISO a setting I knew nothing about until a few women in the photography group explained how to use it.  My pick for the final picture was taken in front of a mirror not near any windows at all. I used ISO 400 and got a good clear picture. I think it says "coffee just gotta have some"
.Day 15 review, I chose to revisit water. I went to the park I was thinking of last time when I went to the wrong park. Again I played with the settings and the lighting standing here and there to get different angles and lighting. I took A LOT of picture on this little trip and almost all of them were good. I was so pleased with myself and the results of this outing. I chose the best of the best.
Day 16 Walk out, I didn't need to go far to find this little landscape of wildflowers and trees. I drive by it almost daily and admire this little plot of land that is so well tended you almost don't notice that it is tended and guided by mans hand, you simply get the impression of nature at her finest. Again I took lots of pictures and more then a few of them made me go WOW as I viewed them. I tried setting I never tried before and got some awesome results. The picture I picked I used the landscape setting that automatically sets the ISO and shutter speed to capture the greens and blues of nature.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Project 365/Day 10,11, &12

Day 10 Sun set, I was not sure I was ever going to get this picture. Finding and taking this picture was not the problem. Finding the sun for a few days was the problem. There weather was gray and wet. The clouds so thick and dark that even in the early afternoon it seemed like night. At last the clouds parted and a spec of blue sky peeked through with just a hint of sunshine. At sun set I started walking to the back of our place in a westerly direction of course, before I got to the opening where I was planning on taking photo's I saw this.
3 shots and I had my picture. If I was asked to title this I would call it Sun Set in the Woods.
 Day 11 Everyday. My subject was easy enough to pick. Something you use every day and says something about you and what you love. I love to cook and my cast iron pan is my most used tool in the kitchen. I truly use it every day one way or another. 
This picture was hard to take and hard to pick because nothing I did thrilled me. How do you make an everyday object like a cast iron pan come alive in a photo. It is more then clear I don't know how to do that. Frame wise and for crispness this was the best. I liked the rock as the pan stand but I could not figure out how to make the greenery in the back not be there. I could not zoom it out or figure how to focus it out. My subject was the pan but this and none of my other pictures says that.
 Day 12, Night,  This picture is very cool. I took it but I am not actually sure how I did it. I aimed at a sting of lights across the road from me and used a slow shutter setting. I believe I moved slightly as the shutter was closing and this is the result.
I am pretty sure that I could never get this picture again. I do like the effect you get when shooting moving light in the dark, and would like to learn better how to do it. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Project 365/ Day 7,8,& 9

Day 7, the theme was morning. I only took a few pictures that morning. I did the sun rise thing but it was less then impressive and didn't really say morning.I thought about using a tooth brush and paste. It never got past the thought stage. The Morning Glory said good morning to me as I stepped out the door that morning. It took me 9 tries to get the perfect picture and a few more shots just to be sure.
Such a pretty little flower it is neat to watch them open in the morning. The star in the center is just so cool looking to bad this plant is such a killer,farmers every where dislike this pretty little flower and go to great lengths to get rid of it. My husband included. I barely got my pictures taken before he ripped this vine out of the garden.
 Day 8 Blue, Timing is every thing. I open the email for that day and I see that it is blue. It just so happens I love  Blue glass and over the years have collected a few things that are blue glass. The darker the blue the more I like it. I have a collection of blue bottles some very old and some very new.Well because of lack of space over the past few years I have picked my favorite things and packed the rest away. On day 8 I just happened to be having a yard sale and my bottle collection was on the table for sale. My oldest bottles had already sold when I got my theme. Three of my interesting looking bottles were still on the table.
This is blue. Even still I am not sure this is the best shot. It is well framed and the reflection of the trees is an interesting effect, but I am not getting smacked in the face with BLUE. I used this photo as the photo. I am regretting not using  this one.
  Day 9 Black & White. While I am regretting yesterdays choice I am not regretting this choice. My camera has no black and white setting so I had to remove the color after the fact. As I was taking pictures at the wedding I took a group of shots with my minds eye seeing them in black and white. Once my pictures were up loaded the one I was hoping to use wasn't as clear and crisp as it looked on the camera. No matter how much I looked at the other pictures in that group of shots I still wanted to use this picture.
I learned a big lesson today as I edited this photo to black and white. I learned that black and white can be very forgiving and take a so so photo and turn it into a much better picture.In color that angelic face was not as sharp or clear as it is here. I like this one very much. When I took this I wanted the focus to be totally on that face and that's what I got.