Tuesday, July 31, 2012


In this day and age of computers, I pads and so many other means of social communications, it is not unusual to have friends you have never meet. Well never meet in person that is. Some times it seems the people we chat on line with, share pictures, and stories with  we get to know them almost better then the friends we see regularly. If not better at least just as well. You find your self thinking about them, worrying about them,wondering how this that or the other went. Before you know it these images on the screen,the words you read, and the voices you hear thanks to skype become real and important people in your life. Distance and even language is no longer a barrier to making friends. Thanks to the internet any one can be friends with any one.
  We all met on a recipe web site. It started out harmless enough. LOL since when is 20 some women chatting all together harmless?  We were able to share recipes and chat a little on that site and every day we did,but we wanted more so a face book page was made. The 20 of us would gather there and we shared so much, stories about our families,pictures of everything from our kids to our gardens. We skyped when we could,had cyber parties and in general enjoyed a great friendship. We did some good while we were at it and raised money among ourselves for hurricane victims and for a child at Christmas. As with all good things our group came to an end. We didn't stop being friends we just stopped meeting on the page, we got busy,lives change, things happen. We still follow each other through blogs,and a quick chat here and there. A comment on a photo or recipe that sort of thing. Some keep in touch more with this one or that one and less with others but we are all still friends.
 Well thanks to Allrecipe.com and its 15TH birthday celebration 5 of us got the chance to meet. We all flew into Seattle WA from all over the country. Well Laurie lives in WA so she didn't get to fly. She got to be the hostess and guide.

 It was like we had seen each other every day of our lives when we at last came face to face. There was no awkwardness or uncomfortable silences. It was all smiles and laughter.We were in Seattle for a reason and had things to do and many many new people to meet as well as friends to make, but we spent as much time together as possible. We shared a few meals together,took in some of the sites together and made memories to last us a life time. Most of all we were just so happy to be together.We talked about the great weather, how beautiful Seattle was and we talked about how lucky we were to see it together.
  When I left Seattle Saturday morning bright and early while everyone else still slept, I didn't feel sad or like I would  miss these wonderful ladies,because I knew I would see them real soon. Sure enough on Sunday I turned on my computer and there they where.Saying good morning. 
        So lets meet the fabulous five
Laurie our hostess and guide.She took time out of her busy life and made sure we all had a good time. Such a beautiful lady.
Lillian and Peggi getting ready to enjoy a wonderful dinner in one of Seattle's famous restaurant. 2 of the sweetest ladies ever.
Miss Dee.I love her purple hair it is just so her. 
 And then there is me.
Also with us that night was Laurie's husband John and Peggi's husband Harlen.What troopers they both were sitting there contently while we gabbed away.
  I have to say a big thank you to John. He and Laurie took me to Puget Sound my first night in town and John walked every inch of that beach with me helping me find treasures like sand dollars and dead jelly fish. He even got his brand new shoes Dirty. So Thank you John.
 Ladies it was a great gift not only to get to meet you but to be able to meet in such a beautiful city. A memory I will treasure forever.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Christmas In July

Each year in July Cousins Mike and Chris throw a party to celebrate Christmas. If you and your spouse have big families you know how hard it is to get together for the holidays in December. So in our family in July all the cousins  and hopefully their children get together and celebrate Christmas.
 Just like the 25th of Dec. the gifts are a fun part of the party, the difference being that in July we regift and a funny useless gift can be the talk of the evening. We gather at Mike and Chris's beautiful home and swim, eat and drink. We then have the times of our lives trying to pick the most wanted gift from the pile of perfectly wrapped unwanted presents.  
  Like in a few other blogs I have written I am going to let the photos do the talking.

Enjoying A meal together

A little time to visit and swim

Here comes Santa Claus...
Look who is coming!

Oh My Goodness it is Santa!!!! 

Santa's shoes look like Dzidzia's

Santa gets a hug
Pollyanna time

Joe & Karen  discuss the best pick. 
Now our lovely Host and Hostess Mike and Chris.


                        Merry Christmas in July Everyone!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

One Happy Granmama !

I often wonder who reads all the blogs I write. Well last evening I got an answer. As I was going over my blogs looking at this and doing that, Madeline came and stood by my side looking at the computer screen. " What is that Granmama?" She sees a picture of herself and climbs in the chair with me and says "read it to me" pointing at the blog about her birthday cake. You know I didn't need to be asked twice I read her the blog with great pleasure. When I am finished she looks up at me and simply says "More". My heart swells so big at this point I not sure my chest won't just explode on the spot. By the time shes had enough we have read 8 of my blogs and she liked everyone of them even the ones not about her. This makes me one proud and Happy Granmama.
Just because I like to share, this is another Happy Granmama moment. Enjoying ice cream together at friendly's