Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Great Race John Deere VS Kubota

For a few years now we have had a small John Deere tractor sitting in the barn just waiting for Madeline to be the right size to use it. Well this is the year,not only is she big enough to reach the gas pedal she has figured out how to make the pedal work and understands the concept of turning the wheel. A natural born driver.
  The memory of this day will be with me forever and no doubt always make me laugh.
  It started out simple enough, we got the tractor out for Madeline to ride and once again showed her how to make it go and stop.

She hops on and says shes ready,and off we go. We take a tour of the back 40 and she is doing real well keeping it straight and following the drive. I suggest we cut through the path in the field so she won't get stuck in the sand (plus it is a shorter trip around the yard  and Granmama is running to keep up) it takes a little convincing but she follows along and onto the path we go.

Once we are back on the drive I get the brilliant idea to put the tractor in the faster gear meaning Granmama now has to run full out to keep up. All I see as we come around the bend back toward the barn is Bill standing there almost but not quite laughing shaking his head and holding up 2 fingers questioning the gear. He thinks she did it.Hehehe little does he know that was my brilliant idea and it is about to bloom into an even better idea.
   She comes to a stop by bumping into Bill's leg then not getting off the tractor she looks up at him and politely says "Get on your tractor Dzidzia lets race, I got gears I can go fast." You know he could not resist such an offer and climbed right up on his big orange Kubota. She starts out in low gear having the lead just so I could get pictures, that only last until Dzidzia starts to pass her by then she wants her tractor in high gear the heck with pictures so I put it in high for her and try to take pictures at a full out run. As I am running and shooting pictures I don't miss the bright determination in her eyes or how she is leaning her entire body forward just willing her little John Deere to go faster or best of all exactly how much fun she is having. The race ends in the back garden with Dzidzai in the lead,that is ok with Madeline she carefully parks herself behind the big tractor sits there for a two beat count and she is off again like a driving maniac.

   I think I may have laughed the hardest as I run after her back up the drive and she is driving along looking at everything but the roadway (just like some one else I know) As I am saying one more time look where your going she drives into some low hanging branches and lightly bangs into a fence post. Her face was priceless with the absolutely surprised look on it. I couldn't help my self I laugh out loud and say we are going to have to get you an airbag. I help get her righted and back on the road again and off she drives with eyes clearly on the road.

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