Sunday, July 22, 2012

Christmas In July

Each year in July Cousins Mike and Chris throw a party to celebrate Christmas. If you and your spouse have big families you know how hard it is to get together for the holidays in December. So in our family in July all the cousins  and hopefully their children get together and celebrate Christmas.
 Just like the 25th of Dec. the gifts are a fun part of the party, the difference being that in July we regift and a funny useless gift can be the talk of the evening. We gather at Mike and Chris's beautiful home and swim, eat and drink. We then have the times of our lives trying to pick the most wanted gift from the pile of perfectly wrapped unwanted presents.  
  Like in a few other blogs I have written I am going to let the photos do the talking.

Enjoying A meal together

A little time to visit and swim

Here comes Santa Claus...
Look who is coming!

Oh My Goodness it is Santa!!!! 

Santa's shoes look like Dzidzia's

Santa gets a hug
Pollyanna time

Joe & Karen  discuss the best pick. 
Now our lovely Host and Hostess Mike and Chris.


                        Merry Christmas in July Everyone!

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