Monday, September 3, 2012

Project 365/ Day 7,8,& 9

Day 7, the theme was morning. I only took a few pictures that morning. I did the sun rise thing but it was less then impressive and didn't really say morning.I thought about using a tooth brush and paste. It never got past the thought stage. The Morning Glory said good morning to me as I stepped out the door that morning. It took me 9 tries to get the perfect picture and a few more shots just to be sure.
Such a pretty little flower it is neat to watch them open in the morning. The star in the center is just so cool looking to bad this plant is such a killer,farmers every where dislike this pretty little flower and go to great lengths to get rid of it. My husband included. I barely got my pictures taken before he ripped this vine out of the garden.
 Day 8 Blue, Timing is every thing. I open the email for that day and I see that it is blue. It just so happens I love  Blue glass and over the years have collected a few things that are blue glass. The darker the blue the more I like it. I have a collection of blue bottles some very old and some very new.Well because of lack of space over the past few years I have picked my favorite things and packed the rest away. On day 8 I just happened to be having a yard sale and my bottle collection was on the table for sale. My oldest bottles had already sold when I got my theme. Three of my interesting looking bottles were still on the table.
This is blue. Even still I am not sure this is the best shot. It is well framed and the reflection of the trees is an interesting effect, but I am not getting smacked in the face with BLUE. I used this photo as the photo. I am regretting not using  this one.
  Day 9 Black & White. While I am regretting yesterdays choice I am not regretting this choice. My camera has no black and white setting so I had to remove the color after the fact. As I was taking pictures at the wedding I took a group of shots with my minds eye seeing them in black and white. Once my pictures were up loaded the one I was hoping to use wasn't as clear and crisp as it looked on the camera. No matter how much I looked at the other pictures in that group of shots I still wanted to use this picture.
I learned a big lesson today as I edited this photo to black and white. I learned that black and white can be very forgiving and take a so so photo and turn it into a much better picture.In color that angelic face was not as sharp or clear as it is here. I like this one very much. When I took this I wanted the focus to be totally on that face and that's what I got.

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