Saturday, July 7, 2012

One Happy Granmama !

I often wonder who reads all the blogs I write. Well last evening I got an answer. As I was going over my blogs looking at this and doing that, Madeline came and stood by my side looking at the computer screen. " What is that Granmama?" She sees a picture of herself and climbs in the chair with me and says "read it to me" pointing at the blog about her birthday cake. You know I didn't need to be asked twice I read her the blog with great pleasure. When I am finished she looks up at me and simply says "More". My heart swells so big at this point I not sure my chest won't just explode on the spot. By the time shes had enough we have read 8 of my blogs and she liked everyone of them even the ones not about her. This makes me one proud and Happy Granmama.
Just because I like to share, this is another Happy Granmama moment. Enjoying ice cream together at friendly's

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