Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Project 365/ Day 4 Water

This photograph made me really work for it. I had to spend my afternoon walking a trail in the woods. I have to say while it was a beautiful day perfect for walking in the woods I was a little tense at being alone in the woods. Not sure why but I was just short of scared.
 Once I got to the lake I realized you couldn't just walk up to the waters edge and walk along its banks, there was way to much foliage for that. I wasn't walking away with out at least on picture of the water. I stood on a park bench that was there and looked up down and all around the body of water and saw nothing,no reflection, or ripples nothing that smacked me in the face and said water.As I stepping down from the bench I saw a small opening in all that beautiful green foliage that was just wide enough for me to step into. I stepped in and again no smack in the face. I felt something under my foot that gave me an idea. I aimed focused and set my camera settings then I bent down and pick up the good size stone under my foot and threw it in the water aiming for the spot I had focused my camera on. Then I just started taking pictures of the ripple. It work well and I got 3 or 4 picture before the water went completely still again. I like every shot I took, focused, framed and good color. Just in case I was wrong and didn't like or they weren't as good as I thought I took a couple of back up pictures of water being poured. I didn't do that one so well to much light and bad angles as well out of focus. I did take a picture of water running in a drinking fountain and I did like that one a lot also but
 I liked this one so much more. It was after all the picture I walked and worked for.

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