Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Project 365/ Day 26, 27,& 28

Lets get right to it I am days behind on every thing and falling more behind each day.
 Day 26: RED,
  I had a hard time with this color and it won't be the last time I have a hard time with red. I just can't seem to communicate the vibrant energy of red with my camera. I drove around looking for RED I walked in one of the many playgrounds took a few shots of the red slide and it did show a lot of energy on my camera but if you remember yellow it has been done before by me. I kept looking  and in the back of my mind I had an idea so I just kept looking until I came across this cool looking barn. A muted red but still RED. I sat across the road and took the pictures from my car. I didn't want to trespass or get hit by a car. I zoomed in and snapped away. I have to say she was a very good model.
Day 27: Clock,
  As soon as I read the email on this one I knew right where I was going to find my clock. In the late afternoon I took a ride over to this little quaint town parked a block away from the clock and took a little walk, and  I do mean little. I didn't even try to get fancy with this picture. I like this clock a lot and it catches my attention every time we drive by it so I figured I didn't need to get artsy or fancy, I just needed to show you what I see. I am not sure if it is me or my camera but no matter how I tried I was not able to get the full length of the clock and show the intricate details of the clock. So I opted for a close up of the clock itself. 
Day 28: Back Lighting,
  Okay I admit it I had to go to my photography  group and ask for help. Even then the concept was just not grabbing hold of me. I tried all kinds of things at all different times of the day on a dozen different settings. Everything I was using was glass colored glass all bright and beautiful but not enough substance to be a good example of back lighting. I have some yellow flowers growing just outside my back door and I kept looking at them until finally I said to myself what the heck. In the email one of the examples was a flower and I try not to copy the emails using my own ideas. So first I tried taking a picture of all the flowers outside with the sun shining through them. Nope not happening so I take a single yellow flower put it in my favorite blue vase. I laid a piece of yellow material on a table in front of a window and as far as I am concerned magic happened. 

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