Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh Happy Day My Rings Have Been Found!

Have you ever had one of those day's, well last Monday I  had one of those nights. I had a few cocktails with dinner,and by a few I mean 2.( I drink straight whiskey because mixed drinks and beer make me soooooo ill) I was in good shape feeling fine and enjoying life. Bill and I were watching TV laughing and having a little fun as we waited for the Phillies to start .

Life was good.......

Then I took my night time meds. I normally do not take my meds when I have drinks, on this night I was not thinking ..........
 I remember little after this point...........I have a vague impression of me deciding to go to bed, feeling swollen and over heated. (welcome to your 50's) Feeling over heated and swollen means that after the cloths are removed the rings come off. Now I have 5 count them 5 spots to safely  put my rings when they need to come off.(3 important un replacable rings)On this night I did not put my rings in any of the 5 safety spots.
 At 3am when I bolted upright out of bed knowing that I had lost my rings my life is turned up side down. At 4:30 am when my husband was raising to start his day he found me pacing the living room floor. I had already turned the kitchen and dinning room upside down It was a very creative mess when you entered the living area of my house.Bill calmly asked me whats up  babe? to which I meekly responded I have lost my rings." Rings"? Yes my rings  engagement, wedding band and MY family ring."Oh you will find them they are here some where. Give me a kiss I have to go to work, Don't worry you will find them."
 After Bill leaves I do a mad women with out a mind kind of search and finally give up and go back to sleep for a few hrs. That is the last good sleep I get for 4 days. I went to sleep after praying to St. Anthony,  believing that I would wake up and my rings would be magically back on my fingers. St Anthony and our Creator answers  us in thier good time. A fact I should have remembered . I was so unhappy when I woke up.
  For the life of me I could not remember more then it was pitch dark and my mind was telling me "don't put them here you will never find them" I put them there any way. I remembered that I set them down using my right hand and the spot I set them would be on my right hand side.
 So I started in the front room cleaning on the right hand side. I vacumed and checked the container,no trash went out the door that I did not personaly sift.No luck.
 4 nights had passed and I was crying myself to sleep each night ,I had said every prayer I knew and a few I didn't. My house had never looked so clean.
 On that 4th night I could not sleep. I was so dissapointed that I had not found my rings At 3 am I was still awake wondering what I had done and if I would ever get back the symbols of a love to wonderful to let go, and a family so strange that it made a strong , wonderful, treat that was to sweet to resist.
 At 7:30 am I am trying to sleep in and I hear Bill Laughing loud enough to wake the well the Me....I am laying in the puff of pillows listening to Bill cackle lick a hen that has caught the cock in a marriage loop hole and I know....with out a doubt I know this man has just found my rings...
 Oh yes glory days My rings have been found. The rings that repersent our undying love and the ring that shows I have family I love and adore have been found. I can dance and sing again I can even sleep I am so happy and my life at this moment is complete.If you look at my fingers you know I am loved and I have a family.I am complete...

 A little note, the rings were found on the back side of a computer key board that I never use and they were inded on my right side. Also when I would have set the rings behind the key board it would have been pitch dark....

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