Friday, October 22, 2010

Delaware Water Gap

As we about to leave Scranton PA and return home,having had the worst time ever I asked Bill to please find a different route home so at least after spending 2 days in highway heaven we could at least enjoy the ride home.He smiled at me and said way ahead of you babe. Boy was he.
The next 8 hrs were magical. Well almost, first we had to get out of Scranton. We got lost doing that even with a map and a man who never gets lost and I do mean never(that is a statement on how just how unuser friendly Scranton is)
 Once out of Scranton and on the right path, (the right path at this point being the simply aimed in the correct direction)the mad pace of highway driving fell away and the relaxing enjoyable tempo of a lovely fall drive took it's place.
 The Delaware water gap is a sight that you truly want to see.No matter what season this has to be one of the most beautiful spots in the united states. It rates up there with the grand canyon and the painted desert.You need a car to see it all,but hiking,biking and kayaking all are good ways to see this piece of America.
 We got lost more then once on purpose,and when Bill took the wrong turn that made us back track only down a different road we didn't complain, we just smiled silly smiles at each other and enjoyed the views.
  In the water gap we saw so many unplanned sites, animals, wild flowers growing in all shades of pink up a hill. Old Old cemeteries on the slanted front yard of houses that where just as old.
The unexpected water fall was our treasure of the day. We had seen so many great things by the time we came across the sign for a butter milk water fall, we were tired and ready to head home and then we see a sign and well we have to turn and follow it,10 minutes down the road Bill and I look at each other with tired faces and smiles both thinking the same thing,why did we ever follow that sign.THEN the water fall appears in front of our eyes,we are no longer tired or dragging we are amazed and impressed with a beautiful water fall sliding down the side of the mountain seemingly from nowhere.The climb was grueling and at times very scary for this afraid of heights women ahhhhhhhhhhhh but so worth it. The forest at the top of the water fall was dark for the thickness of the trees and the forest floor looked like a comfortable bed or the best leaf pile a child has ever seen.
  Now we can go home as tired and satisfied as any child having spent the day jumping in the leaves.

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