Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scanton PA

Everyone laughed at me when I told them I was going to Scranton PA in fact they are still laughing at me and I am back from scranton.
I picked Scranton for the room, my husband wanted a room with a hot tub.Had I done my home work better I would have told my husband he could live with out a hot tub.
 Scranton has NOTHING to offer,if you like getting lost and sight seeing from a highway then I maybe wrong, but for most of us Scranton is a bust.A place to pass thru and nothing more,.
 At breakfast on Saturday morning we asked the waitress what there was to see and do around the area. She looked at us with a blank stare and said nothing.(and she meant it) We drove for 40 miles and found nothing, no trails, no antiques,no history,nothing a tourist would find enjoyable.
 Now to make matters worse is the hotel.Holiday Inn to be exact.Beautiful hotel, lousy location.It is located on the corner of 4 count them 4 highways, while this would seem like a good thing it is not, it is in fact a guaranteed formula for getting lost....
The Restaurant leaves so much to be desired, no taking the free breakfast to your room forcing you to pay for breakfast if you aren't into early rising.The dinning room 10:00pm on the dot is closed.if you arrive at 10:05 you are poop out of luck.Well not really they have a cook for bar food. Just well my med well cheese burger arrived looking like a hockey puck with a year old dried out of piece of cheese on it. The grilled onion,tomato and lettuce were missing, also there was no french onion soup.When I brought my burger back the staff acted like I was stupid and could not read, when I got a menu and showed them the burger I ordered should have cheesy cheese and onion and lettuce as well as tomato they still did not apologize.So the next night when we ordered dinner and again they where out of french onion soup and the pork dish I ordered I pegged this restaurant and hotel as 2 stars and not worth stopping at ever again...

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