Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not Sure...

 Not sure what I want to write about only sure that I want to write some thing...

I am back to work and while I don't get enough hrs to get my Medical back I get enough hrs to do my job. My new boss is friendly.(we got a new GM shortly after writing my Wawa blog)and fair it seems.This is all good. Don't get me wrong life is better not perfect when it comes to my job.
 Christmas was a challenge that turned out beautifully this year.There was little money to spend this year but what we had we spent wisely and in the end every one was happy.Instead of focusing on the price tag we tried focusing on the true and real desire a person would have for that gift, like Phillies tickets for the phillies fan, soaps and bath salts and oils made at home for the people that like No chemicals in their skin care. Having bracelets made for the nieces from their grandmas amber beads,and so on.While Christmas isn't about money,I always enjoy it more when the gifts I give bring pleasure and joy.This was one of those years.My gran daughter is just at the age to love getting presents and finding all the decorations and lights to be amazing and fun.I was able to I hope bring smiles to a whole other family I never met by sending a few gifts to share with them on Christmas day.So I feel my Christmas was a truly blessed and happy holiday.
 I got a very happy present from mother nature Christmas weekend 8 count them 8 big inches of snow. I love the snow. For me snow is all about playing. Angels,snow forts,snow ball fights,snowmen and best of all sledding.I did none of that this snow happening,I had no one to play with. Gone are the days when I would wake my son at 4:00am to walk in the beginning flakes of a good snowstorm,to later enjoy a school free day sliding down the hill that if you got your speed up good enough you would actually slide across the street into the next open field.While I miss and feel lonely for those playful happy days with my son, I still love a good snow.I pray for the day I will have my gran daughter here and we get a good snow,A snow that allows me to wake her early in the Am while it is still dark to walk in the first falling flakes to enjoy the brightness of the snow in the dark morning sky and  later sliding at lightening speed down some hill screaming with glee and falling over in laughterSo.even while I am  between playmates I still enjoy a good snow happening. I am lonely for the fun I had with my son and antsy for the fun to come with my gran daughter but still I am in awe of the way some powdery flakes and a cold wind can change my world into a mystic, magical land.It is amazing how you can stand in the middle of the storm with the wind whipping around and howling and the snow dropping so hard and so fast that you can't see a step in front of you and there is nothing,nothing but silence and peace.I love a good snow storm.

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