Monday, November 14, 2011


Last April 2011 I told a story of my then 2an 1/2  yr old grandaughter taking a 2 mile walk in 2 hrs. If you read it you know that to keep her going the last few steps and the beginning few steps we tempted her with rocks. I have no idea why but rocks from the plainest to the fanciest intrigue my grand girl.So any way we kept her walking and going on this long trek by finding and  placing in her coat pockets rocks to throw in the water from the bridges we found along our walk. By the end of the walk we had a very tired girl with a lot of rocks in her pockets(stones really size wise).I ended my story about the walk wondering what her parents would think of the heavyweight of her coat and the rock in her pockets.
  Well I think they didn't wonder a thing, or for that fact notice that the coat was heavier then normal.I know this to be a fact because this Oct 2011 it snowed just before Halloween and when Madeline came to visit one day just after the snow wearing her winter coat from last year,I noticed as I went to hang it up that it was heavy and sure enough the stones were right there in her coat pockets where we left them.
  I pulled them out of her pocket with a smile on my face that turned to a laugh of pure pleasure when Madeline saw them and loudly proclaimed "My rocks we got them on that walk in the Forrest mermember"

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