Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5Th Anniversary Trip

For this trip we picked Mills Run PA where we would take a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright house Falling water.We were also going to stay in a Bed and Breakfast for the first time ever.And so my story begins.
   On a fine Sunday morning bright with blue skies, sunshine and the trees painted the colors of October we set out on our trip.Bill and I were both excited about this trip,we knew it was going to good we just didn't know how good.
     From our home to Confluence PA where the B&B was located was a lazy 5 hour drive and we could not have asked for a better day for the ride. After leaving the city area traffic was light to none,once we were in the mountains the sky line and mountain range were so beautiful .The trees in all their fall glory made the mountains look like a rich and warm tapestry of color, the fluffy pink white clouds stretching across the mountain tops in a clear blue blue sky brought to mind the phrase purple mountain majesty making a perfect picture of fall and giving us a wonderful day filled with plenty of laughter and songs along the way.
   To get to the B&B we traveled up and down the mountain and over single lane dirt roads that have 2 way traffic, along the river all the way back to the rail road tracks  turning on to the private road that was yes a single lane 2 way road. We arrive at Paddlers Lane our B&B in the late afternoon,one word Charmed!
      Our first thoughts as we look about and take it all in is "What fun we are going to love this.We love the river running along the back of the house and we think the train track running in the front of the house are so cool.Thoughts change. The house is warm and welcoming and we are invited to come in and make ourselves at home.Our room faces the train tracks and is nice the double is old fashioned and high up off the ground,we look at each other and  shrug our shoulders and say how much time will we be in the room any way.Alot!
There is so much beautiful nature to see and experience in and around the area that you really aren't at the B&B much during the day and early evening so you really don't notice the many many many trains going by on that oh so cool track until you are dog tired and you climb up into your bed and you are just at the point of deep sleep and a train comes whistling by loud and long startling you so that you fall out of that extra high bed then you notice.After 2 nights of that my neck was so sore from hanging on waiting for the trains to come that I was unable to turn my head to the left.                                                                                             
 This did not stop us from enjoying our trip we enjoyed the tour of Falling Water very much,and the sights we saw just driving around exploring were wonderful, water falls,natural water slides, Eagles flying over head and some of the best weather ever all of it wonderful enough to make the trains and bed worth it.

Don't get me wrong There was alot I enjoyed about the B&B our host was interesting and very friendly,the people we shared the house with were nice and enjoyed chatting making our breakfast together each morning a delightful way to start the day. Our host made simple hot meals that were tasty and filling as well as enjoyable.The house itself sat on a large piece of land that encouraged walking along the bank of the river and being on a private road gave us the freedom to move about freely with out worrying about traffic. 

Even so on Tuesday morning instead of extending our stay 1 more night we packed our bags loaded the car up enjoyed one last breakfast with our house mates,thanked our host for a wonderful time and such warm hospitality and then we ......RAN not walked to the nearest 5 star hotel. 
You know swimming pools,Jacuzzis in the room,Flat screen TV,AC,KING size beds and most importantly no trains. There is alot to be said for the quaint character of a B&B ,but there is just no denying I felt like a queen laying in that king size bed cocktail in hand watching a movie on HBO as my husband soaked happily in the Jacuzzi.                                                                                                                                             

As we travel back home the next day we are relaxed and happy completely positive we had just enjoyed one of our best October                                                                                                                         

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