Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blooming Spring

With all the unusual weather we had this winter and in the beginning of spring I was worried that all the beautiful  bloomage that happens in late spring would be harmed. As I listened to farmers and gardeners alike talk about the harm a real good cold snap could cause,I was so very happy a real good cold snap didn't happen in most areas.
  True my daffodils bloomed way to soon and the sudden drop in temperatures back to normal didn't do them any good and they where short lived. I only got 2 cutting out of them.
     Everything else in my yard seems to have fared well. My tulips looked so very beautiful and lasted a good long time. For weeks they opened ever so gracefully in the warm spring sunshine to show their true beauty and then closing up all snug and tight in the moon light each night as if resting for the next day of showing off.


The pansies as always love the chilly but sunny days of spring. Sometimes as the little flowers dance happily in the winds I imagine I see the happy smiling faces that pansies always seem to have in cartoon movies and I can't help but smile back.  

             At this point in the season we are having what you would call a perfect spring. A little bit of everything when it comes to the weather, clouds, sunshine,wind and rain. Making my yard front and back an easel of color and texture,enhanced with the sweet and fresh scent of all the fragrant plants happily coming up out of the ground after a nice winter sleep.


  I am not the only creature to enjoy the bounty of my yard this spring . As I sit motionlessness on my porch I get the chance to enjoy Mommy Robin feeding her babies all nested snugly in the tall sturdy cedar tree that graces my driveway entrance.As Mommy sits with her babies I spy another young robin out of the corner of my eye sitting atop the empty bird feeder as if this was his throne or place of honor. 

 I didn't actually like seeing the 2 bunnies happily hopping around under my bushes and shrubs. I know they are eating something I don't want them to eat, but I can bring myself to do no more then holler and stomp my feet at them.Some farmer I would be!
     All in all spring is blooming as beautiful as ever,bringing with it brilliant colors and new life all as exciting as it can be.                                                                   

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