Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Project 365 Day 18, 21, & 22

Yep you are reading that correctly and yes I really do know how to count.
 Day 18 Field Of Depth,
 As you have already read I was having a bugger of a time getting this technique accomplished. No matter what I did I was not getting the effect I wanted or needed. So after more then 200 tries I gave up and moved on.Purely by accident on day 22 I took not one but 3 pictures that where perfect examples of F.O.D.I didn't know it until I got home and looked at my pictures. Lucky for me I was only using a few settings that day. I can now take picture using this technique,it requires effort and more then a few tries but I can do it. For my picture I chose the first one I took. It was an accident  but it is the best example simply because the picture is so pretty.
                                Field of Depth!
Day 21 Tree, 
 I only had to walk out my front door for this assignment. Our property is covered in trees. If you ask Madeline where Grandmama lives she will answer you "In the trees". Finding the tree I liked the best, well that was a little harder. I love most of the trees we have. As I walked around camera in hand looking in every direction I was not seeing anything that was striking me as WOW I am a TREE. Maybe because they are familiar and I look at them everyday I just couldn't see them who knows. All I know is I couldn't get the picture I wanted surrounded by trees. I was just getting ready to take a walk when I glanced over at my neighbors yard and there it was. This tree was cut down about 4 years ago and it still screams I AM A TREE! I see so much when I look at the tree and this picture. I almost can here it talk and see it move like in the Wizard Of Oz.
Day 22 Choice
 It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and while I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted my final picture to be, I knew where and what I wanted to take pictures of. So I headed off to Smithville State Park for a hike and some one on one with nature. Just me and my camera. I took a lot of pictures that afternoon. The 22nd picture was going to be my choice and I knew when I took it. I could have stopped there and went home, but I really didn't want to. A hike sounded good and I really wanted to take some more pictures so I kept going and did the 2 mile trail (give or take 2 miles) I took 62 more pictures and had a wonderful time. I didn't just aim and shoot I took my time looked at what I wanted to picture and set myself up to get the picture I wanted. In some areas I had to stay on the trail and get the best picture I could because it was against the rules to walk into the woods, in other areas I was able to get off the path to get the best angle or view. For my Choice photo I almost missed it. I was taking a picture of some unusual looking branches and was moving around to get a better shot when the sun caught the web in its rays and sparkled right into my view. I took 4 pictures standing in the same spot to make sure I actually got the web. It was so hard to see in the view finder. The first shot was the best,but the other 3 were real good too. I was so pleased with my day, a great walk and an album full of pictures I am proud of.

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