Sunday, September 16, 2012

Project 365/ Day 17,19,& 20

Yes the title is correct. Day 18 is missing because of camera limitations. The assignment was "Field Of Depth" My camera is a fancy point and shoot with a lot of settings all designed to eliminate all blur. There is no F-stop or A setting for me. That didn't keep me from trying. I took over 200 shots using every setting in every combination, I tried it here, I tried it there, I tried it every where, but a picture with blur I just could not get. So I moved on to the next picture and put a 2nd hand 35mm digital camera on my Christmas list. 
 Day 17 One Bright Thing/Yellow
 I thought about this one all day. At this time of the year with all the sun flowers around you would think the answer would be obvious right? Well that was the problem it was the easy answer. I took pictures of a real school bus,nope just not right, I took pictures of the fisher price school bus Madeline likes to pull around, nope not it. Then just by chance I took my camera with me to meet Madeline at a play ground and there it was big as life. One  Bright Thing Yellow.What a fun time we had and now it is known as the yellow playground.

 Day 19 Where are you/ landmarks.
 I only had to go up the road about 10 or 15 houses to find one of the few landmarks in Hainesport. I know it as Mr Corns house on Creek rd,but in 1788 it was Cyrus Moore's House on Boars Head rd. I didn't know any of this until I was taking the pictures and chatting with Mr Corn. The Moores owned a large amount of land in the area, and the house I was picturing was one of the sons of Mr Moore. Mr Moore's house the original house is also still standing and in good order actually quite beautiful with a few acres still being used to grow corn and soy beans. 
Day 20 Shadow
 I had so much fun getting this picture. I knew what I wanted and I had so many ideas of how to get it. I took at least a dozen pictures before I realized why I wasn't getting what I wanted. I kept focusing on the subject not the shadow. I used the setting that gave me as much control as this camera allows and adjusted my ISO and lighting control as I needed with each shot. Domino was such a good model and every shot was good. Focused, clear, and crisp with life like color. Even still it wasn't hard at all to pick the picture. There was only one that said SHADOW!

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