Thursday, September 6, 2012

Project 365/Day 10,11, &12

Day 10 Sun set, I was not sure I was ever going to get this picture. Finding and taking this picture was not the problem. Finding the sun for a few days was the problem. There weather was gray and wet. The clouds so thick and dark that even in the early afternoon it seemed like night. At last the clouds parted and a spec of blue sky peeked through with just a hint of sunshine. At sun set I started walking to the back of our place in a westerly direction of course, before I got to the opening where I was planning on taking photo's I saw this.
3 shots and I had my picture. If I was asked to title this I would call it Sun Set in the Woods.
 Day 11 Everyday. My subject was easy enough to pick. Something you use every day and says something about you and what you love. I love to cook and my cast iron pan is my most used tool in the kitchen. I truly use it every day one way or another. 
This picture was hard to take and hard to pick because nothing I did thrilled me. How do you make an everyday object like a cast iron pan come alive in a photo. It is more then clear I don't know how to do that. Frame wise and for crispness this was the best. I liked the rock as the pan stand but I could not figure out how to make the greenery in the back not be there. I could not zoom it out or figure how to focus it out. My subject was the pan but this and none of my other pictures says that.
 Day 12, Night,  This picture is very cool. I took it but I am not actually sure how I did it. I aimed at a sting of lights across the road from me and used a slow shutter setting. I believe I moved slightly as the shutter was closing and this is the result.
I am pretty sure that I could never get this picture again. I do like the effect you get when shooting moving light in the dark, and would like to learn better how to do it. 

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